Become inspired by learning from the experiences from some of my successful private 1-on-1 students…

With Trent’s mentoring, these student proved to be excellent action takers. They learned how to developed a positive mind-set. They were teachable. They implemented what Trent taught them. They embraced the difficult times of business building and it paid off!

You can reach the same levels of success or better than many of my students. I have 100% confidence in your potential. I probably believe in you more than you believe in yourself right now. And that’s okay. If that is the case, you can rest on my experience and confidence until you have developed the millionaire success habits necessary to achieve your goals.  While I can’t guarantee that you will personally take action to see great achievements (that is under your control) I can guarantee that I will teach and guide you, and give you everything you need to be successful. I’m your true friend in this business and there for you ever step along the way.

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Dropship XL Review from Ronnie

To date I have had $13,574.29 in gross sales but it would have been more if I were not impacted by COVID19. It has been a rough start, but I believe this business will thrive despite the pandemic. Trent has always been available to help answer any questions I have & he is always patient when explain things.

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Dropship XL Review from Ronnie

Since March 2020 I’ve made 93 sales, and reigned in $9,458.50 in gross income, and net income $8,859.56.
Trent is a great teacher, he will challenge you, which is what everyone should want.  If you need assistance call, text or email. You’re not alone in this and that was the most important thing to me.

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~ Bill ~

“I’ve generated over £80K (circa $120,000) in sales! I predict this will rise to nearer £220K over the next 12 months.”

Niche Category: Health & Beauty

~ Labarron ~

“I have earned over $4,000 extra in all my online businesses.”

Niche Category: Wellness

~ Paul ~

“I’ve made to $1,540.00 my first two weeks and really the first week was spent telling myself I can do this if I just sit down and do it :-)”

Niche Category: Bodybuilding

I had used two other companies who promised me the education and help I would need to become successful with an online store. Both of them created a marginal at best webpage for me, and then did nothing to lead me to success. Then Trent and I talked and I will admit I was very skeptical at first but what he was saying was different from the rest. Trent said he would personally spend time with me every week coaching me through all aspects of identifying my niche, acquiring that product, creating a website and marketing said site. He did everything he promised. Trent was patient, he would go over things until I understood exactly what I needed to know, I had several technical problems he worked through with me and he never made me feel anything but positive about myself and my journey. I wish I had met Trent first before I spent so much time and money on the others. But that was part of my journey and truly my journey has just begun. I am new to this business still but with Trent’s coaching I am up and running. I would recommend anyone who wanted to learn this business or any other coaching Trent offers, to accept coaching from Trent. He is a man of his word, he’s very good at what he does, you will know what you are doing when he’s done with you. Success is within your reach, it is a journey, you can walk it barefoot on and unpaved rocky road, or you can get in the car with Trent for a pleasant ride with a great guy. I have no regrets with my decision to give Trent a try, best decision ever.

~ Kristen T.  (Original Facebook Review Here)

I started coaching with Trent a little over a year ago. I was completely new to the whole online business world. I didn’t even know what a landing page was. Trent was a huge help in guiding me to what I wanted to do. He helped me find what i’m really passionate about. I now Have my website up and am currently working on writing articles and preparing for coaching my own students. It’s been a long ride, but it’s definitely been worth it. Anyone looking to create their own business or just looking for a coach that cares and will help you accomplish your dreams then Go straight to Trent!

Paul J. (Original Facebook Review Here)

I couldn’t find a word in the dictionary to describe about Trent, Business always have trials and error. Before meeting Trent all i have is errors in the ecom business, he showed me a new dimension of business where I couldn’t find in the ecom world.I like Trent for his patience. he answered all my questions even if I ask a 1000 times. I have not become a master but I have learned a lot from him. he is really a guru and a great mentor. he has the capability to train any levels. Every call we are on I hear new amazing things and I felt always why would I didn’t find him in first place. If you need to see the real road map of ecom success you need to be working with Trent. I am happy and excited to be a part of his team-Good Luck and god bless.

~ Mohamed B.  (Original Facebook Review Here)

One thing that stands out about Trent is his impeccable customer service. When you hire him – he is there for you!
He is very quick to respond to your questions between your coaching sessions and points you in the right direction. He even told me to ask more questions! Usually the answers are on his finger tips ,as he has a wealth of knowledge and resources. If he doesn’t have the answer he will help you figure it out. I know that without my one-on-one work with Trent I would have given up by now on the drop shipping idea or would have made some big mistakes.
As my coach he keeps me on track and helps me avoid pitfalls. He is also my motivator to get things done – it’s great to have him as accountability buddy.
Trent has a vast body of knowledge when it comes to drop shipping, online marketing and all the techy stuff but also knows the importance of getting your mindset on board. I appreciate that about him.
So if you are serious about building a drop shipping business, I highly recommend working with Trent. He brings so much value to the table that it is definitely worth the investment.

~ Inga M. (Original Facebook Review Here)

Let me start of by saying 5+ ok. Now the meat & potatoes i have been looking and searching to get where i wanna go with a business but im sorry if you honestly think selling 100,000 worth of 2 dollar products where you will have to hire lots of help so you can have the freedom your wrong!!! with Trent its a complete 360 his training, coaching and teaching is far beyond what ive ever seen every training video and articles for the training is unbelievable ive been looking at his stuff for a while really since nov. 2016 and now ive joined and i’m not sorry not one bit. i recently had surgery and for some odd reason my heart was telling me to join trent now do it, i mean i’m 41 and my disabled wife is 43 and on disibility well for now but each lesson is jam packed with tons of value and not just words but real truthful meaningful value that will indeed help you get to where you want to be, Trent is the only one that will use god !!! and Trent is 100% correct GOD WILL SHOW US THE TOOLS BUT ITS UP TO US TO EXECUTE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN AND MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR OURSELVES. the road map course is extreme coaching. There is no hype, no bull crap, no fakeness its all as real as your heart beat. Trents teaching is very rock solid and thats exactly what you want when you build a foundation and the best part is its so pocket book friendly WOW !!! i’m recomending all this to my family and friends. SO IF YOU ARE TIRED OF TELLING YOUR WIFE ( WE CAN’T AFFORD IT NOW ), TIRED OF YOUR JOB, TIRED OF YOUR BOSS, HERES THE BEST PART, IF YOUR TIRED OF PUTTING ON THE UNIFORM !!!!!!! Then i will advise you to get trents course and its really really fun going through the training. I’m still in training but its far more than what i expected from the git-go. GET TRENTS COURSE AND START YOUR NEW LIFE THAT WILL LEAD STRAIGHT THROUGH TO YOUR NEW LIFESTYLE !!! God bless you have a great day

Richard Y. (Original Facebook Review Here)