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Here’s What Some of Our Students & Customers Have Achieved….

Please Remember:  The results you see below are from student Trent has mentored privately, 1on1. These are people who are just like you. They had dreams of a better life and were excited to see real change. But they did a few things that most people with dreams will never choose to do. They took action. Some of those action steps these people took are shared below. Allow their experiences to give you hope and to inspire you to believe in yourself enough to take action as well.

These are people who realized they could achieve a 95% success rate or higher by working with Trent as their mentor.  They proved to be excellent action takers. They were hungry enough for success and they got it, just like you can. These students were teachable, implemented what was taught, faced struggles head-on, asked for help, and allowed Trent to help them break through to new levels of success. They experienced real transformation in their lives. Bottom line they never gave up and it paid off.

While I believe in you 100% and in your potential to do the same, I cannot force you to be successful. Therefore, we cannot, in any way, shape or form guarantee that you will achieve the same results. However, if you want to go after success Trent has your back 100%, every step of the way.

~ Bill ~

“I’ve generated over £80K (circa $120,000) in sales! I predict this will rise to nearer £220K over the next 12 months.”

Niche Category: Health & Beauty

~ Paul ~

“I made $1,540.00 my first two weeks and really the first week was spent telling myself I can do this if I just sit down and do it :-)”

Niche Category: Bodybuilding

~ Labarron ~

“I have earned over $4,000 extra in all my online businesses.”

Niche Category: Wellness

Niche Category: Art Supplies

“Your services were very affordable and I only wish I would have found you a year earlier. That would have saved us a lot of money and more importantly, a lot of time and stress.”

~ Wayne ~

Niche Category: Family Products

“At 25 years old, being a young married mother forced me to look at my life in a new perspective.I am at the point of completing my official store launch and I do not regret having invested money for your help and knowledge for my business. It’s invaluable information that I can certainly apply over and over on every single business I decide to continue building in the future.”

~ Camila ~

Niche Category: Children

“I’ve been so impressed with your ability and experience in identifying ways to increase traffic to our site and help us market our product in a more professional and efficient manner.”

~ Heather ~

Niche Category: Sporting Goods

“Since my site just went live 30 days ago I needed some quick cash since I am out of work and my unemployment ran out recently. I started back up on CraigsList posting items for sale. In three weeks made $1,625 in sales on stuff I had around the house,instead of donating those items.”

~ Mike ~

Niche Category: Quilting

“I’ve generated my first sale totaling $109.50! I’ve learned how to launch an advertising campaign now, how to write a compelling ad that is presented in front of my target audience to help drive traffic to my website and test out my marketing messages. The first ad I wrote presented my quilting kits to women on how to create their own quilts as a memory for their children to remember her by. Trent has been a great coach. I appreciate all he has done and hope to work with him for a long time.”

~ Opal ~

Niche Category: Healing

“I made 1,118 euros ($1,522)!”

“Starting from scratch, I feel proud of all this work I have done by myself and above all I feel it is great to give people energetic tools that will help them achieve a better life.”

~ Kerstine ~

Niche Category: Family Products

“With the help and guidance of Trent, I have earned an extra $7,000… When I was pulled out of the work force 7 years ago due to an injury, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Being on welfare and trying to raise 2 boys was proving almost impossible. Before joining his coaching program, I was attempting to make money on the internet from home without understanding “computer-ease” and getting more and more frustrated day by day (and losing money). When I started working with Trent, I realized I was going back to school to learn something new that was actually going to save me money and teach me how to put more cash in my pocket.Working with Trent has helped me open up so many doors that I never thought possible. I always look forward to my weekly session and the challenges that Trent puts before me.

The best part of working with Trent is that I no longer feel dumb with my children. I actually know MORE computer “stuff” than my 15 year old son. With the help of Trent I have become a successful business woman and look forward to growing my business 3 fold in the next 12 months without any fear, AND I am glad to know that Trent and his team will be there with me!”

~ Shauna C. ~

“I have never before looked to having an on-line business so this has all been pretty new to me. Now, after my third full week I have hit my 25th sale this week!”

eBay Store Seller

~ Susan R. ~

“With your coaching and the tools you provided, I was able to trust the process. I have sold five items within the past two weeks netting over $200. After three weeks, I am up to $368. Now, I am even shopping for bargains to sell on eBay. What is really cool – I am really having FUN.

eBay Store Seller

~ Annie G. ~

“I don’t regret this program for one minute. I finally feel like I’m working towards something great, and I think this was money well invested.”

Niche Category: Outdoors

~ Sharon R. ~

“Trent, over the years I have gone to a lot of seminars for all kinds of job opportunities. I seriously tried many ways to create other streams of income. Nothing worked for me. Then along came your coaching program. It worked…and it still works. When I first started I sort of felt “I can do this” but I had no idea what to expect. After a little time with you I began to realize I could actually create a website (what, and actually make money, too??!!). But now, with your help and guidance I am learning to do just that. Nothing feels more like I’ve accomplished something than when I actually see the money coming through the website and into my account. I can’t wait to start my next website. I am already tossing ideas around in my head. Thank you, Trent, for coaching me. It’s been a life changing experience for me.”

Niche Category: Gardening

~ Karen B.~

“I have learned how to use E-bay these last few weeks. I bought an item and went through the process, set up paypal, and saw how it worked. then I sold two cell phones on ebay, making $90.00 and learned how to process a sale, mail the merchandise, and get paid…fun! A note here, I have been through a surgery the past couple of weeks and one of my sales actually took place while I was on the operating table. (It’s working even when I’m not…ha!) I also sold a kayak for $150.00 on Craig’s list. I have several other items I will continue to post on these sites as I progress.”

eBay Seller

~ Peaches S.~

“My Craigs list items took about one and half hours to get them all online and ready to go.I had just finished listing my items and thought I would check my e-mail before shutting down the computer and I had an e-mail from a young couple from Vancouver, WA. We met up with each other the next morning of course they bought it. When I got home I had more e-mails for the food dehydrator and the air bed, sold the food dehydrator. And later that day not only did I sell the air bed but the same people also bought the gold flatware, camera, four cookie jars and the bike. I sold the biggest part of my items in one day. I had fun meeting new people MOST of all seeing how happy they were just because they felt like they got a good deal on something they needed or wanted. All together the items sold came to $1,015.00, and no cost to put items on Craigslist and it was fun.”

Craigs List Seller

~ Caren B.~

Niche Category: Outdoor Living

“My experience with Trent has been the most incredible learning curve I’ve ever experienced. Every time I turn around to do the next step I have to learn something completely new. As I love to learn new things, this has been an awesome experience for me. I’ve worked really hard, but have loved it all. As for my coach Trent, he has more patience than a saint. I’ve enjoyed every session I’ve had with him. He knows his stuff, and has helped me more than I can say. I always look forward to my sessions with him and always end up excited by what’s ahead. I don’t think I could have found for a better coach!”

~ Sharna G. ~

“I’ve been a member for almost 2 two months now. I have been able to build a web site and make some money at it. But that’s not where the real value has come for me…One of the greatest benefits is the fact that Trent gives an in-depth view, and goes into great detail steps for executing a business model that has been proven to work time and time again. I’m not a testimonial writing type of person, but I must say that the curriculum and with the knowledge of Trent, in our coaching makes it fun and educational.”

Niche Category: Skin Care

~ Tony D.~

“I have had 1,356 unique visitors already this past week from the SEO strategies you have taught me Trent! With your help I learned quite a lot about “organic SEO” – the marketing method for optimizing content using keywords. I was taught how to do keyword research that has resulted in a number of my website pages ranking on the first page, and some #1-4 positions. You are always very informative, and eager for me to achieve my goals.”

Niche Category: Women’s Clothing

~ Debbie A. ~

“Working with Mr. Trent Jessee has been great. He’s very patient and had a perfect sense of humor to deal with my lack of website business building skills. I feel I got my money’s worth working with him. I am much more comfortable managing my website and developing future business niche’s due to my coaching experience with Trent. In working on the website and building contacts, it really solidified my vision of how I’d like to build a more financially secure and flexible future. I would highly recommend Mr. Jessee to anyone looking to build a website based business.”

Niche Category: Ladies Accessories

~ Amanda D. ~

“Trent taught me recently about how to market on facebook. I posted a brief description and photo of the items along with the asking price. Within hours I had several individuals interested in my products and I even closed 2 sales the following day.The day after I sold a box of Latisse for $25 and a ring for $25. The following day I sold a bottle of perfume for $10 and a teeth whitening kit for $35. This weekend I sold another ring for $25!”

Niche Category: Jewelry

~ Ciara M. ~

“I sold 5 bottles out of 100 people in the warm market contact list making the conversion rate so far is 5%. Before meeting Trent, I had tried entering the online marketing space for 4 years, and each time, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. It seemed like there were all these companies selling me on products and services but still not exactly telling me how to successfully do it, step by step. It felt like some sort of secret club that was impossible to get into . . . UNTIL I started working with my coach, Trent Jessee. In the short two months I’ve worked with him, I feel like I’ve been given more information about how to start a successful online marketing business than I was given by many others over the past 4 years. I highly recommend Trent as a coach. He is personable, yet to the point and supports the success of his students. I look forward to continuing to work with Trent and building a successful business!!!

Niche Category: Health & Wellness

~ Ritu H. ~

“I can see the light in this tunnel. I didn’t think I was going to make it through!! You have taught me so much Trent and have been so patient with me and I am so grateful. Thank you! I feel like you get me, when we get on the phone we get right to business and we get so much done, I do wish we had a two hour appointment, but that’s just the baby bird in me talking!! LOL Thank you for doing this, I know you had a choice in choosing your career and you choose to help others, with all the knowledge you have you could be out there making hundreds of web sites or doing something with your own business, but again you choose to help others. That says a lot about your character and the kinda person you are!! Thank you for your patience and the hours of help you have given me and will continue to give!!

Niche Category: Home Decor

~ Shanna M. ~