The team here at Droship XL (a Watchman Advisors, LLC brand) works diligently to create products and services that make your life easier and your best interest is always at heart.

We understand though that sometimes a product or service just doesn’t fit “perfectly”. This is why we offer you the protection and security of a 100% money-back return policy for a full 14 days on selected products and services where a money back guarantee is indicated on the actual sales page of that particular offer.

How Refunds Work

When you buy one of our products you have a full 14 days to request a refund, no hassles, no questions asked. The 14 days starts from the day you purchased the product.

Any and all physical materials you might have received, such as physical books, DVDs, CDs and the link, need to be returned to us in order for your refund to be processed.

Of course, digital products you’ve downloaded cannot be “returned” to us, so we trust you to not re-sell or otherwise re-distribute those files. Also if you get a refund but continue to use a product you purchased from us it can be a violation of intellectual property rights laws (in other words, it’s stealing, and that’s not right).

How to Request a Refund

Simply email your refund request to info at Please include the words “Refund Request” in the subject line of your email to help us get to it quickly. If you do not receive a response from us at within 24 hours of you sending us your email refund request that means we did not receive it. It is then your responsibility to either send us another email and/or call us directly at 801-709-1655 to request a refund over the phone. If these steps are not taken a refund will not be processed for you.

IMPORTANT REFUND INFORMATION: It may take up to 7 days for refunded funds to post to your account and returned back to the credit/debit card or payment source you used to sign up or pay for your service/product.

It would be very helpful to us if you’d also tell us why you’re requesting a refund. This is NOT required, and we won’t use this information to try and “sell” you something else. But we do take feedback seriously, and it really does help us make better products/services and improve our sales process. We want every customer to be satisfied!

This refund policy was last updated on Dec 1, 2015.