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Lifetime Freedom Membership 


Full Access to All Tools and Resources

Open-Door Supplier Directory ($100 value)

Private Label Drop Ship Directory ($150 Value)

Perfect Niche Finder, Website Builder, & Marketing Checklists ($50 Value)

Drop Ship Workbook Spreadsheet Suite ($150 Value)

Forecasting Profits Worksheet and Training Video ($100 Value)

Full Resource Center Access ($300 Value)

All Training Courses

Brain Power Course ($300 value)

Unlimited Suppliers Course ($200 Value)

7-Day Drop Ship Crash Course ($200 Value)

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Here’s What Some of Our Students & Customers Have Achieved….

For heaven sake! The results you see below are NOT typical. These student proved to be excellent action takers, they were teachable, they implemented what we taught them, they embraced the sucky times of business building, they never gave up and it paid off!

While we believe in you 100% and in your potential to do the same, we cannot in any way, shape or form guarantee that you will achieve the same results…but, if you want to go after it we’re here to help you every step of the way!

~ Paul ~

“I’ve made to date $1,540.00 my first two weeks and really the first week was spent telling myself I can do this if I just sit down and do it :-)”

Niche Category: Bodybuilding

~ Labarron ~

“I have earned over $4,000 extra in all my online businesses.”

Niche Category: Wellness

~ Bill ~

“I’ve generated over £80K (circa $120,000) in sales! I predict this will rise to nearer £220K over the next 12 months.”

Niche Category: Health & Beauty

Access to All of Our Best Step-by-Step eCourses!

Follow along one step at a time to learn everything you need to know from choosing the right niche for you to launching and scaling your ecommerce dropship business!

Brain Power Mastery Course

Learn how to master your brain power so you can truly achieve your personal potential as an online entrepreneur.

7-Step Road Map Course

This course will teach you in-depth about all the 7-steps of building and launching a profitable drop ship business!

Finding Suppliers Course

Master the skills necessary to find any drop ship supplier you want anytime for any type of ecommerce store.

WordPress Site Launch Course

Follow this course step by step to implement everything you need to build, design and optimize your website.

Google PLA Mastery Course

All the detailed secrets of launching profitable Google Shopping campaigns is revealed in this course.

In your 7-Module Road Map eCourse you will be taught everything you need to know about building a profitable dropship business.

Let me give you an example…

Watch The Video to Learn How To Forecast The Net Income You Could Possibly Earn In Your Drop Ship Business!

It’s Simple Math.
Generate $52,000 with just one store selling only 5 products.
From there, retail a higher volume, sell more products or build more stores.
Just imagine retailing 10 profitable products = $104,000 or 20 = $208,000.
Get the idea right?

Here is a Summary of What You Will Learn During the 7-Module Roadmap Course



Discover the fundamental 7 secrets of drop shipping!

Step 1 – Niche It

Day 1-Niche It-sm

Learn the strategies to find profitable drop ship niches.

Step 2 – Build It

Day 2- Build It-sm

Learn how to set up your foundation drop ship website!

Step 3 – Supply It

Day 3- Supply It-sm

Learn how to find legit drop ship suppliers.

Step 4- Customize It

Day 4- Customize It-sm

Learn how to customize your drop ship site.

Step 5 – Market It

Day 5- Prove It-sm

Prove it that you can build a successful drop ship business.

Step 6 – Measure It

Day 6 - Measure It-sm

Learn how to measure vital stats of your drop ship business.

Step 7 – Scale It

Day 7- Scale It-sm

Discover powerful growth and scaling strategies.

Full Access to Our Dropship Directory!

You will receive full access to our DropshipXL directory to help you quickly find drop ship suppliers you can work with. The suppliers in our directory can also give you great product ideas to consider even if you are brand new to drop shipping or not quite sure what to sell online. Our “Supplier eCourse” has also been created to teach you how to find any type of drop ship supplier, including M.A.P. suppliers which are the best to work with when selling your core products on your eCommerce store. Again, our Supplier eCourse will teach you exactly how to find the right suppliers if our directory does not have the suppliers you need, guaranteed!

DropshipXL Directory


Access  & Search Your Open Door Drop Ship Suppliers

Private Label Suppliers


Find private label drop shipping suppliers to promote your own brand.

Drop Ship Suppliers And Growing!

We are always compiling the best dropshipping suppliers you can work with to make your business operate as successful & profitable as possible.

Private Label Drop Ship Suppliers

We continue to find more drop ship suppliers who are willing to private label your product so you can maximize your profits.

Available Dropship Products

Our dropship suppliers have a total of more than 6 million products at your disposal. Most people won’t need all those products, but it’s great to know you won’t run out!

Click The Button Below To View All Available Suppliers!


You Will Get Access To Our “Suppliers eCourse” Where You Will Learn How To Find Any Supplier You Want. Guaranteed!

Suppliers eCourse

If the drop ship supplier exists this course will show you how to easily find them, guaranteed!

Full Access to Our Resources Center!

You receive over 35 hours of recorded coaching calls, our Amazon and eBay training videos, worksheets, guides, checklists and more!

Amazon Video Trainings

If you want to sell products on Amazon, our video trainings will show you how to successfully list and sell your products on this popular platform.

eBay Video Trainings

Selling products on eBay has never been easier when you follow these training videos. Learn how to successfully list and sell products through eBay.

Resource Center


Helpful dropship resources to help you build your business. Worksheets, checklists, guides, and other powerful tools to help you be successful.

Group Coaching Call Archive

Access the archive of recording group coaching calls that Trent has conducted over the past number of years on a wide variety of topics to help compliment the growth of your drop ship business.

Access to Helpful Worksheets To Help You Stay Organized With Your Dropship Business

Drop Ship Worksheet Suite

A very powerful combination of all the necessary worksheets compiled into one place to help you organize your research of ideas, products, suppliers, plus the forecasting worksheet and niche checklist.

Legal Page Templates

This document will give you access to the major legal boiler page templates for your website. You will need the proper legal pages on your site to be compliant with Google and other services you use to build your dropship business. These templates the whole process much easier. Simply copy, paste and customize on your own website.

Forecasting Worksheet

This worksheet will help you forecast, or project, what you could reasonable make with your drop ship business selling the specific products you could retail from the suppliers you have relationships with.

Check Lists to Help You Make Better Decision and How To Prioritize Correctly

Ideal Product Niche Checklist

Use this checklist to help you choose the ideal niche and supplier to work with for your drop ship business:

Website Design Checklist

Use this checklist to help you stay on track with the most important elements to include on your drop ship website.

Social Media Checklist

Use this checklist to guide you through what social media accounts are best to set up for your drop ship business.

Lifetime Freedom Membership 


Full Access to All Tools and Resources

Open-Door Supplier Directory ($100 value)

Private Label Drop Ship Directory ($150 Value)

Perfect Niche Finder, Website Builder, & Marketing Checklists ($50 Value)

Drop Ship Workbook Spreadsheet Suite ($150 Value)

Forecasting Profits Worksheet and Training Video ($100 Value)

Full Resource Center Access ($300 Value)

All Training Courses

Brain Power Course ($300 value)

Unlimited Suppliers Course ($200 Value)

7-Day Drop Ship Crash Course ($200 Value)

Road Map Deep Dive Dropship Course ($300 Value)

Google Marketing Mastery Course ($300 Value)

35 Recorded Coaching Calls ($3,500 value)

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

$5,650 of Value For Only…

Now Only $497




Niche Category: Art Supplies

“Your services were very affordable and I only wish I would have found you a year earlier. That would have saved us a lot of money and more importantly, a lot of time and stress.”

~ Wayne ~

Niche Category: Children

“I’ve been so impressed with your ability and experience in identifying ways to increase traffic to our site and help us market our product in a more professional and efficient manner.”

~ Heather ~

Niche Category: Family Products

“At 25 years old, being a young married mother forced me to look at my life in a new perspective.I am at the point of completing my official store launch and I do not regret having invested money for your help and knowledge for my business. It’s invaluable information that I can certainly apply over and over on every single business I decide to continue building in the future.”

~ Camila ~

Niche Category: Sporting Goods

“Since my site just went live 30 days ago I needed some quick cash since I am out of work and my unemployment ran out recently. I started back up on CraigsList posting items for sale. In three weeks made $1,625 in sales on stuff I had around the house,instead of donating those items.”

~ Mike ~

Niche Category: Quilting

“I’ve generated my first sale totaling $109.50! I’ve learned how to launch an advertising campaign now, how to write a compelling ad that is presented in front of my target audience to help drive traffic to my website and test out my marketing messages. The first ad I wrote presented my quilting kits to women on how to create their own quilts as a memory for their children to remember her by. Trent has been a great coach. I appreciate all he has done and hope to work with him for a long time.”

~ Opal ~

Niche Category: Healing

“I made 1,118 euros ($1,522)!”

“Starting from scratch, I feel proud of all this work I have done by myself and above all I feel it is great to give people energetic tools that will help them achieve a better life.”

~ Kerstine ~

Niche Category: Family Products

“With the help and guidance of Trent, I have earned an extra $7,000… When I was pulled out of the work force 7 years ago due to an injury, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Being on welfare and trying to raise 2 boys was proving almost impossible. Before joining his coaching program, I was attempting to make money on the internet from home without understanding “computer-ease” and getting more and more frustrated day by day (and losing money). When I started working with Trent, I realized I was going back to school to learn something new that was actually going to save me money and teach me how to put more cash in my pocket.Working with Trent has helped me open up so many doors that I never thought possible. I always look forward to my weekly session and the challenges that Trent puts before me.

The best part of working with Trent is that I no longer feel dumb with my children. I actually know MORE computer “stuff” than my 15 year old son. With the help of Trent I have become a successful business woman and look forward to growing my business 3 fold in the next 12 months without any fear, AND I am glad to know that Trent and his team will be there with me!”

~ Shauna C. ~

Answers To Common Questions

Q: What kind of support do you offer?

A: We offer email support during operation hours. Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm MST. We’re gone all holidays. You can expect an answer via email within 24hrs or less during operation hours.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?

A:  No. All membership accounts can be canceled at any time. Simply call or email us and we’ll take care your request.

Q: Can you design my drop ship site for me?

A: Yes! For exisiting members we offer our Done For Your design packages at an amazing price & value. We’ll design a stunning drop ship site for you usually within 3-10 business days.

Q: How soon can I be successful?

A: This depends on how fast you implement what we teach you! On average though, most newbies to drop shipping start making money with their store between 2 to 4 months after taking our courses. The great news is that we help make the entire journey easier by guiding you through step by step.

Q: Will you load my products to my store?

A: Once you become a member and choose to pay use to design your store, yes, we will either load demo products if you don’t have your products ready yet, or we will load your real products to your store.

Q: Do you stock products?

A: Your suppliers will stock and ship the products for you. That is what drop shipping is all about. We give you training and tools to access to real drop ship suppliers who will give you the access you need to the products you want to consider retailing online at a profit.

Q: Do you ship my products for me?

A: The suppliers you work with will ship the products to your customers for you. You can access the suppliers you need through our DropshipXL directories or through finding them easily by following our training.

Q: Do you offer 1on1 private coaching?

A: Yes! Simply click here to apply for our 1on1 coaching program. From there you can schedule an appointment with us to see if 1on1 private coaching would be a good fit for you.