In step one of this 4 part blog article series on drop ship supplier types, I taught you about “open door” drop ship suppliers, who they are and when best to use those types of suppliers.

Today in step 2 I will teach you about the most important drop ship supplier you could work with. I’ll teach you why and how to work with them as well.

Okay, so what supplier type is the best to work with and why?


I call the best types of dropship suppliers to work with as: “M.A.P. Suppliers”


Working with MAP suppliers helps you protect your brand and pricing so you can make a higher profit as long as you choose the right products and market to sell to!

How is that possible?

Well, MAP suppliers care a lot about their brand and therefore pay close attention to your character and integrity. They care about establishing solid relationships which means it can be a bit more challenging to get approved to be a retailer of their products. It’s definitely worth the time though. For this reason there are fewer people selling their products online compared to “open door” suppliers. This means many of the markets are less “saturated” which is another reason it’s easier to make a higher profit selling products online from MAP suppliers.

Make sense so far?

Yeah..sure does. But how do I find MAP suppliers though?

Great question!

It’s more effective to research and find MAP suppliers on your own because you can find the ones who are actively working with and approving retailers such as yourself a lot faster. You can know for sure that the suppliers you work with are MAP suppliers, are legit and therefore will be around in the long term. Researching out MAP suppliers is easier than you think. It’s not all that difficult once you know how.

In my DropshipXL Supplier membership I created an eCourse that teaches you step by step how you can easily and quickly find MAP suppliers.

It’s makes the most sense by far to work with MAP suppliers so you can make a better profit online. Don’t get caught in the trap of selling your CORE PRODUCTS from “open door” suppliers. Instead, sell your core products from MAP suppliers to avoid price competition battles, to protect your brand so you can produce higher profits! Click on the button below to set up your DropshipXL Supplier account today to get immediate access to our full supplier directory and our eCourse on how to find MAP suppliers.

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