If you’ve been following along in this 4part series so far you now know the two out of four drop ship supplier types (open door and M.A.P).

Today I want to reveal the 3rd and 4th types of drop ship suppliers in one article since it won’t take long to do 😉

The 3rd type of drop ship supplier is what I call…

Private/White Label Drop Shipper

These types of suppliers give you the freedom and control over creating your very own product without having to manufacture it on your own!

Wait….huh? How does that work exactly?

Let’s say you want to retail your own supplement products online. For example you could choose to retail your own branded supplement of Omega 3 Fatty Acid soft gel pills.

The private label drop shipper you get approved with would take the logo and label you get designed and then paste it on the bottle for you in their facility and ship it out to the customer for you!

Sometimes they will have a minimum order requirement at the beginning to keep X amount of your product on the shelf. Some don’t require that though and instead create your product on demand after you retail it and then they will ship it out to your customer asap.

You see, it works the same way as with open door and MAP suppliers but in this case you have control over the specific brand that shows on the bottle or product you are retailing.

Pretty cool right?

If your mind is spinning right now thinking of all the possible products that you could private label and retail as your own it gets pretty exciting!

You could literally have your very own line of wood flooring, chairs, wall paper, tables, t-shirts, shorts, vests, memorabilia, gifts, camp chairs, and the list goes on and on.

To clarify further…

Retailing a private label drop ship product means you create the meaning into the brand yourself instead of having to rely on your supplier for that.

And the most important benefit of going the private label drop ship route, is that you have control over the pricing of the product instead of your supplier!

There is no minimum or maximum price you have to sell the product for.

Of course you would need to retail it for a great product and cover your costs with the private label supplier, but the point is that you have more control over pricing and branding.

Now, the 4th, and final type of drop ship supplier is what I call…

“Exclusive Drop Ship Suppliers”

These suppliers are just what the name says…

They cap off their total number of accepted retailers of their products. They do this usually for reasons of protecting the reputation of their brand and pricing.

They can be excellent suppliers to work with if you can get accepted with them because you will normally be entering into a market that is not as saturated. Plus they’ll usually send you free traffic to your website, because they don’t do any retailing in many circumstances. They leave the retailing up to you, the retailer!

It takes a bit longer to follow up and to eventually secure these types of relationships with exclusive drop shippers, but it’s worth it!

In my DropshipXL Supplier membership I have an eCourse that shows you how to find and get accepted with these suppliers along with all the other types of suppliers I have taught you about.

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Now that I have cleared up the various types of drop ship suppliers you could work with I hope you can see how easy you can get started with all this.

If you’re brand new to drop shipping you can totally do this.

It works. And this model of business it’s never going away because there will always be products to sell out there in the world. You’re choosing a solid business model to follow that has the power to help you liberate yourself financially, or even make some extra money to go on vacations, off-set social security/retirement, or even to help you keep your mind sharp the older you get.

In any case, you have what it takes to get started so now is your time. Take action now and set up your DropshipXL supplier account today.

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I’ll see you inside the members area!