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What exactly is drop shipping?

There are 7 key steps to take to make drop shipping work for you. Here is a basic example of how you can  create a healthy starter net income each year of $52,000.

52K Drop Ship Blueprint

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Discover what drop shipping is all about and the $52K plan.

Step 1 – Niche It

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Day 1-Niche It-sm

Learn the strategies to find profitable drop ship niches.

Step 2 – Build It

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Day 2- Build It-sm

Learn how to set up your foundation drop ship website!

Step 3 – Supply It

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Day 3- Supply It-sm

Learn how to find legit drop ship suppliers.

Step 4- Customize It

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Day 4- Customize It-sm

Learn how to customize your drop ship site.

Step 5 – Prove It

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Day 5- Prove It-sm

Prove it that you can build a successful drop ship business.

Step 6 – Measure It

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Day 6 - Measure It-sm

Learn how to measure vital stats of your drop ship business.

Step 7 – Scale It

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Discover powerful growth and scaling strategies.

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Want Step by Step Drop Ship Training?

Take the fast track to drop ship success by following our easy to follow, step by step training courses. Access the knowledge you need to implement in your life to become a great drop ship success. There are all types of courses ranging from our 7day crash course for drop shippers, our roadmap course, mind-set course, and marketing training in Google, Facebook, email and more coming in the future.



Looking for Real Drop Ship Suppliers?

Finding legitimate drop ship suppliers that you can establish a solid relationship with is critical to your success. And not all drop ship suppliers are the same. There are open door drop ship suppliers, private – white label, M.A.P. suppliers and more exclusive suppliers you can work with. All have their advantages. At DropshipXL we make finding the right suppliers much faster and easier!



Want Us To Get It Done For You (D.F.Y.)?

Designing a website, adding products, marketing your business are all very challenging things to accomplish. We understand that we all could use some help just getting it done and out of the way so you can focus on growing your business. This is why we have developed a number of done-for-you “D.F.Y.” services you can choose from. Click on the “Get Started” button to view the available options.


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